Thin Hair, Thinning Hair and Hair Loss - Are Men's Hair Pieces a Good Solution? Part 2

Published: 16th August 2011
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This is part 2 of a 2 part article. In part 1 we covered exactly what hair pieces are and how much they cost to wear and maintain. To see part 1 visit:'s-hair-pieces-a-good-solution

In part 1 we looked at how hair pieces cost as well as the maintenance costs.

Now we want to get into some of the most common concern's men have about the viability of wearing hair systems or pieces.

How Discreet is it to Wear a Hair Piece?

Good quality hairsystems- installed and serviced by a skilled technician - should be relatively undetectable to the untrained eye. The biggest issue men have when wearing a system is creating a natural looking hairline. The technology of these systems or pieces has advanced to the point where you see some pretty undetectable hairlines these days but be prepared to spend a little more and service and replace the piece often to achieve this. If you are susceptible to being self conscious about whether or not people can tell your wearing something - consider wearing your hair piece with some fashion of bangs. Having the bangs hang down past the hairline can eliminate this issue of the hairline and is also a good lookk for many guys.

How Comfortable are they to Wear?

There is no easy way to address this issue. You have a foreign object attached, taped or glued to your head. A mesh base will allow your scalp to breath somewhat but it will be uncomfortable at times. If you have to scratch your head underneath the hair piece it might even drive you batty as you will not be able to touch your actual scalp under the base of the hairpiece.

The polymer base is not breathable and thus susceptible to being much more hot and less comfortable. The more you work out and sweat - the messier the situation will get with hair pieces and the less comfortable they will be. If you enjoy physical exercise - definitely plan on having your hair pieces serviced more often.

Working Out, Swimming, Sleeping, Washing Your Hair etc.

The stronger the method of attachment - the more confident you can be that there will be no issues with water. With the stronger adhesives and tapes used today you should be able to swim and do water sports without worrying too much about the hair piece - but it's just not as care free and natural looking as the commercials show.

In wearing hair replacement pieces- one doesn't just jump out of the pool or shower and comb their hair in normal fashion as the hair on hair pieces can be a bit matted and abnormal looking when wet. You must gently brush, comb or untangle the hair so that it can be put back into it's normal style without damaging or unlodging the base.

In sleeping with a hairpiece you should really have no major issues - again assuming the hairpiece is properly and well attached. Upon rising - you gently brush or comb into place and your ready to go.

Are HairPieces Natural to the Touch?

If you've seen the commercials it appears that hairpieces are so natural your wife, girlfriend or love interest can run their fingers thru it. This is partially true. If the hair system is rubbed from the top of the hair there is no real issue. Having someone run their fingers thru hair pieces at the scalp level is much more dicey and will depend on how closely attached the base is to the scalp. The closer to the base the hair is touched - the less natural it will feel. Also - because the base is constantly adjusting and getting looser after servicing - the level of attachment will constantly be changing. Suffice it to say that you can feel somewhat comfortable with light touching of your hair but it's best to keep it at a minimum if you don't want to be discovered. In reality, many men wearing hair pieces will simply not feel comfortable having their hair touched.

In Summary:


HairPieces can look very good and even very natural as long as you keep them serviced. If you are balding to the extent that you do have not have much hair at all on the top of your head - the hair piece is going to be your best option to achieve a full head of hair. A high quality, well serviced and properly color matched hairpiece can make your hair look phenomenal. If you can find a quality (and fair priced) local provider and servicer of hair pieces - they can also be a good option...especially if there are no other real alternatives short of baldness.


A hair system is going to require you to make some sacrifices in comfort and time for maintenance & even self maintenance. Hair pieces can also be pretty expensive when you factor in that monthly maintenance cost such as hair trimming, coloring and general upkeep. A hair system can be uncomfortable at times and there will be some days when it will feel very uncomfortable to wear it. If you are in the earlier stages of thinning hair or just trying to cover a bald spot or thinning spot there may be much less expensive and more practical alternatives to a hair system or hairpiece.

Additional Tips:

I you decide to go with a hair piece - ensure that the technician installing the unit properly thins the hair on the unit out to look more natural. The older you are the less natural a super thick head of hair will look on you. Hair systems come out of the box very thick and must be cut and thinned out upon or prior to installation.

If you have graying hair ensure that the hair piece is dyed and blended to match your graying. Nothing makes a hair piece look less natural on an older gentleman than thick dark or mis-colored hair that looks like that of an 18 year old.

If you buy a hair system from a hair replacement type club - be wary of servicing contracts where you are required to get your hair system servicing thru the club. These arrangements can be high quality but also much higher cost. Shop around in your town or city for a smaller family owned hair system business, hair stylist or barber that works with hair pieces. Smaller specialty servicers can be highly skilled and much lower cost in monthly servicing without the contract. This will save you a lot of money in servicing costs in the long run. Many times you can also buy the hair systems from these same people at a lower price or you can order the hair systems online and then have them installed and serviced locally.

A Great Alternative to Hair Systems and Pair Pieces - Hair Concealer Fibers

if you are reading this and thinking you have not lost enough hair to want to go thru the rigors and expense of wearing a hair piece you might consider a hair loss concealer such as 20 Second Hair. This is a quick and inexpensive fix to conceal and cover thinning hair and balding spots.

20 Second Hair Fibers are safe and effective hair loss, thinning hair and thin hair concealing fibers. The fibers come in colors that match your own natural hair and are statically charged to attach themselves to your existing hair. They create a fuller and thicker head of hair and completely and naturally conceal your thin hair, thinning hair and hair loss.

These fibers are a 100% safe and premium blend of coloring pigments and statically charged ion particles that cling to each hair. Even if you are balding - you likely have thousands of fine diffuse vellus hairs on your head. The 20 Second Hair fibers attach and cling to these vellus hairs as well as your existing thicker hair in a manner that allows you to "build "a great head of completely natural looking hair that blends in naturally with your existing hair.

Concealing hair loss in this manner has been a secret of Hollywood stars for years and is just beginning to be discovered by the general public. It is an inexpensive, undetectable and cost effective way to conceal your thinning hair. Visit for more information about this product.

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